Training cultural differences: Business Do’s & Don’ts for Dutch citizens in Belgium

This training has been designed for Dutch citizens however other nationalities are welcome as well who are professionally involved with business in Belgium in various capacities such as sales, human resources, manufacturing or project management at large.

The research work conducted by Prof. Hofstede (Maastricht University) serves as the backbone of this course. It is complemented with trainer Jan Jaeken’s  17 years of business experience with Dutch and Belgians alike. The training is highly interactive. Participants are encouraged to discuss their questions and issues during the course. Typical questions are: how to achieve your objectives as a foreigner in Belgium? Which negotiation techniques to apply in e.g. commercial deals and project management? What to avoid? How to establish new contacts? Differences between Flemish and Walloons? 

Dutch citizens who want to build and sustain successful business relationships in Belgium (Flanders and Wallonia)

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