Jan Jaeken is currently in charge of the City of Antwerp's business model rollout referred to as "Samen Klimaatactief" ("Climate Active Together"). The initiative aims at drastically reducing greenhouse gas emissions from office buildings, light industry, retail and catering businesses. In view of the Covenant of Mayors the City is committed to cut CO2 levels by 20% vs 2005 by 2020. Some forty companies and organizations including Milvus brainstormed to set up subject ambitious business model. Milvus was selected by the City for its entrepreneurial and in-depth experience with setting up greenfields.

Jan Jaeken, one of Milvus’ partners, guides companies who intend to start up or grow their Benelux business. These businesses are often energy related although that is not a prerequisite. Key point: we write a realistic business plan and also implement it.

Milvus also undertakes assignments on behalf of top consultancies and large international capital funds.
We provide an opinion on various business opportunities and challenges in the energy business and how to address these issues.
Jan Jaeken regularly acts as a career coach and sounding board for high potential managers.
One of Milvus’ key assets consists of the intensive personal network of their partners in the Benelux where informal contacts are of vital importance.  Our clients consider this network as a key success factor for their business achievements. 

Milvus is the Belgian partner of EE Consulting, previously Datacon, the reputed German energy consultancy with a specfic knowledge on a.o. the 'Energiewende', E-Mobility, grid operation and grid codes. Milvus and EE Consulting translate the Do's and Dont's of the Energiewende to businesses in the Benelux.


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