Lean Six Sigma Project training for Services

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to understand how Lean Six Sigma can be applied in the service sector and actively wants to apply these principles in his/her day-to-day operations. Transactional processes are different from any other type of processes as they are virtual and often invisible.   In this training we specifically focus on which Lean Six Sigma tools can be most helpful to complete projects successfully.   The course is very practically oriented and uses service based simulations and group learning activities. As a participant you can bring your project, issues, problems with you.  We will tackle them during the training.

Many companies invite their employees from services departments (finance, human resources, procurement, legal, it, etc)  to follow this training to spread the continuous improvement approach in all divisions of their organization, not only manufacturing.
It is also an excellent introduction training prior to attending the training for CGBL - Certified Green Belt in Lean of IIBLC®.
The course covers, how to:

  • apply various mapping techniques to analyse processes
  • identify and eliminate waste in order to design faster and responsive processes
  • use problem solving tools and techniques to tackle root causes and provide effective solutions
  • learn how to design customer oriented processes
  • learn tools like: Kaizen Kanban event, Swimlanes, Waste, Project charter, Kano, Spaghetti diagram, stakeholder analyse, Poka Yoke, Pareto, Six Thinking Hats, etc.   

Project leaders,  team members, sponsors and all employees  doing Lean Six Sigma projects or going through a Lean transformation.

In company training: on request


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