As the Lean Champion you work on the highest level within the company working mainly on the design and deployment of the Lean strategy. The Lean Champion should not focus on the technical tools but should deploy the Lean culture successfully within the company.
We cover following topics:

  • Strategic management: In order to be a successful organizations need to develop and implement a strategy that leads to a competitive advantage. As a Lean Champion you are entitled to define and manage the Lean strategy.
  • Causal dashboards: All improvement initiatives should be effective, efficient and supporting the right goals. To secure this a performance measurement system is introduced measuring all processes, alerting deviations and providing concise powerful information to top management.  The development, execution and use of dashboards is covered in detail, incl. the Lean Accounting system.
  • E2E process thinking: Most Lean initiatives have an internal focus but long term strategic initiatives also seek to improve performance through an external focus. Some concrete cases will show you the opportunities and pitfalls.
  • Improvement management: The overall success of a Lean transformation depends heavily on the appropriate management of multiple improvement initiatives like ISO, EFQM and others. We will learn how to do a Lean assessment measuring the Lean maturity in your company.
  • Change management: A Lean transformation should be seen as a cultural transformation initiative that introduces change at all levels of the organization.  Lean can only be successful implemented when having an in-depth understanding of change at the individual, group and organization level.  For each Lean transformation phase we focus on which interpersonal skills can help to be successful. With a lot of tips you will achieve to upgrade those.   There is also an opportunty for F2F coaching to increase your interpersonal skills to become a passionate Lean Champion.

For Lean Champions and senior management who leads a Lean transformation.   For Consultants (internal or external) who leads a Lean transformation or who wants to prepare for the examination.

We organize this training once a year.   Interested?  Provide us your contact details and we inform you as soon as training will be organized.


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